One Hour Class

One Hour Class
If you want a fun filled activity then the one-hour classes are a great place to start. You will be working in a theatre with other students who are similar to you in their needs whilst working on fun activities that also build on confidence and communication skills.

Ages 8-10
This age group concentrates on a range of skills designed to develop confidence and communication plus develop a love of acting.
Working within a theatre environment helps students understand what it’s like to work in a theatre.
Our theatre is a small intimate space seating 65 people, but no matter the size of the theatre the protocols are the same.
The students work on a range of material, from classical or contemporary scripts to improvisation. Warm ups consisting of individual expressive skills exercise, to group games form part of a drama lesson.
Students perform at least twice at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. The first term of each semester concentrates on individual and group acting work, with improvisation and workshopping based on the themes of the chosen play for that semester.
Costumes and props (which are supplied) are used for the performances giving the students a sense of the whole theatre experience.

Ages 11-13
This age group concentrates on further developing their acting skills; vocal, physical, movement and facial expressions. The aim at this age is to attain a higher standard of performance work that is complete with not only a far greater sense of personal achievement but also a better understanding of how the ensemble works.
As it is often stated it’s not enough to attend classes but participation needed is of a higher standard; lines must be learnt, each member of the cast is reliant on each other, if one person fails to function, the whole play suffers. ‘You can’t ride a bike without a bike’ therefore you can’t act without learning your lines!
Improvisation is a wonderful tool to free up the creative brain and this too forms part of the lesson.