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About MBCTA Youth Theatre

Merilyn Brend has been in the business of directing and teaching acting to kids and teens for over three decades and her mission still, is to remain relevant to young people’s acting needs.

She brings a wealth of experience; knowledge and skills to her teaching, from her years in working in this craft and she has been so ably assisted by many drama-teaching associates and assistants along the way.

Merilyn claims that ‘Students who take drama classes want to perform, to have fun, to gain confidence and work with like-minded peers and be engaged’.
Confirming that engaged young people have more success at communication, in participating in school activities, life skills and they tend NOT to drop out.

Merilyn doesn’t claim to have all the answers but she has many in how to work with kids, the kids she teaches tend to stay in her classes for years, stay in contact with her for decades, work in the business with her and then bring their own children to be taught by her.