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MBCTA Youth Theatre is a private provider for VCE Drama (14265) offering Units 1-4 for year 10, 11 and 12 students who are not able to study the subject at school either because the school does not offer Drama or because of timetable clashes within the school.

Studying with us is exactly the same as studying at a secondary school as we follow the VCAA laid out VCE Drama Study Design.  In addition, results and reports are sent to the individual student’s home school for ATAR score calculation.

This class in 3 hours on a Thursday night (and some Mondays) and will count as one of your school subjects, meaning you either get a subject worth of spare periods or the opportunity to study an extra subject while at school.

The study of VCE Drama places emphasis on the development of the actors’ expressive skills within the dramatic framework.  It also focuses on the development and performance of imaginary characters.  This is achieved through the fine-tuning of processes, techniques, and skills in the creation and performance of ensemble and solo works.  Students gain an understanding in the use and application of non-naturalistic construction techniques and devices and the analysis of professional performances.