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MBCTA Youth Theatre
and VCE Drama (School Code: 14265)

For the latest and most accurate COVID-19 information relating to classes please contact head office on 9720 6200 or email admin@acda.vic.edu.au

MBCTA has been established for 40 years and until Covid 19 we trained students from 8 years and up with work designed to meet the needs of children, teenagers and young adults who were interested in the various disciplines pertaining to drama development and acting.

Covid has prompted Bill and I to stop our fee for service acting classes but keep VCE Drama classes for Unit 3&4 students and our larger work with the Australian College of Dramatic Arts in delivering the accredited Certificate III in Acting (Screen).

We did not make the decision lightly, but Bill and I are of the age when we must think about being sensible and not overwork!

For those thousands of students who we have taught over the years you will know how hard a decision this was.
So, let’s look at the positive – soon you will start to see some of the wonderful memories we have made.  Mind you, I need to get into the mode of looking back and being organised enough to scan photos, find performance vids and so on, so you can see your work, how much we did for Youth Theatre in Melbourne and how much we treasure the memories.

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