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Drama Classes for Students 8+
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MBCTA has been established for 35 years and trains students from 8 years and up.  Therefore, the work within the theatre is designed to meet the needs of children, teenagers and young adults who are interested in the various disciplines pertaining to drama development and acting.  For instance, improvising, workshopping plus using contemporary and classical scripts as an integral part of all work.  MBCTA specialises in acting courses.

All training, rehearsals and performances take place in our theatre.  This intimate theatre has been designed to be interactive not only by the crew but by the students giving trust and responsibility is not just acting on stage but in the total theatrical experience.  In addition, the philosophy behind our work is designed to help students attain a high standard of performance and self-discipline within a positive, safe and supportive environment.  Students will hone their skills and gain experience through a variety of informal and formal performances.

Courses are offered on a Two-Term (semester) basis.  All courses are designed to give substantial output in all age levels and ability groups. There are three main ability groups – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

It is expected that students will develop their passion for performance work through fun activities, hard work, perseverance, responsibility and respect to build knowledge and skills.  Small class sizes help in achieving this.


Children's Acting Classes

You will be working in a theatre with other students who are similar to you in their needs whilst working on fun activities also to build on confidence and communication skills.

2020 Acting Classes

Class One – Primary School – Ages 8-11  Tuesdays 4:30pm – 6pm
Class Two – Secondary School – Ages 11-18   Tuesdays 6pm – 8pm
MBCTA VCE Drama In Boronia

How To Enrol

Acting classes do not require an audition.  Students will be placed in classes according to age, assessment of experience, talent skill set, commitment and dedication.  After the first session and the teacher’s assessment, suitability is discussed with parents.
Call us to book in a time – 9720 6200

Class Information

If you want a fun-filled activity then the one-hour classes are a great place to start.  You will be working in a theatre with other students who are similar to you in their needs whilst working on fun acting activities that also build on confidence and communication skills.

The classes are designed to allow students to work within an age range with peers who have similar skills and experience.  Therefore, there is no pressure to work up class levels but it is advisable to be within your age group.  Students who show extra commitment and passion for acting may be offered a place in the Intermediate groups.  In addition, for these students there is also an opportunity to be auditioned/invited into the Studio Performance Group.  Acting students are also assessed at the end of each semester to ascertain skill level and application to work.

MBCTA used to have an agency and whilst the partnership company of the Australian College of Dramatic Arts does work within the Film and Television Industry occasionally students at MBCTA might be asked if they would like to audition for a role and/or extras within Melbourne’s Film and Television Industry.  Parents are communicated with first and Merilyn will only ask if the student confidence levels are high and the skill level matches the brief given.

Costume Information

MBCTA supplies costumes except where students need the basics of black trousers, tights, some shoe types, jeans.

Uniform Information

It is expected that students wear an MBCTA T-shirt to rehearsals along with black tights/leggings/tracksuit pants and preferably sneakers.  Thongs are not suitable for performance activities MBCTA T-shirt may be ordered by email/phone.

MBCTA VCE Drama in Boronia, Melbourne

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