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MBCTA Youth Theatre

Our Amazing Staff


Merilyn Brend

Teaches VCE Drama

Merilyn Brend has been in the business of directing and teaching acting to kids and teens for over three decades and her mission still, is to remain relevant to young people’s acting needs.

Nikki Wellington


An original student of Merilyn Brend’s Drama school back in the 1980’s, Nikki went onto study Marketing and Advertising and has worked for the likes of Channel 7 and Austereo radio (FOXFM and TRIPLE M – 15 years).

She completed a public speaking course which has been helpful to her when it came to presenting, organising and producing events in the hospitality industry for the last seven years. She is now concentrating on raising her two children and is delighted to come back and work in an administration role for the school.

Karen Haymes


Karen is in administration and also assists with costumes. As a parent of an ex student she knows the benefit of training at ACDA.

I’m here to help you with administration.

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