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Audition Videos & Acting Tapes

As Merilyn worked in the industry and was a film and Television Agent and an on set acting coach she is working with actors who are interested in having their own acting working tapes. These tapes have the benefit of being able to apply to an agent.

Audition Video
If you are entering the Film and Television Industry then Agents and Casting Consultants like to see your work. It gives them a better picture when deciding if you belong in their agency or for sending you to auditions and screen tests.
An agent and/or Casting Consultant is always looking for new talent. As an actor you should always show your best work. In the Screen Industry having a video of your work is just as important as your CV and a believable headshot.

To Do This We Need To Discuss Your Individual Wants
Why are you doing this? Give an example of acting work. Give us the scenes you would like to work on or do we supply the scenes? Do you need another actor to work with you? What are your clothing needs? Do you need a make-up artist? Do you need extra coaching?

There is an initial meeting to discuss all of these questions. This usually takes an hour, fees are disclosed upon inquiry.

Our studio, cameras, microphones, lights and green screen are all supplied. Once the scenes have been shot, it will be edited showing your best work and contact details, you will receive a copy, ready for you to send to an agent.

Audition Video 1

2 hour session
3 x scenes of your choice
Full edit

Audition Video 2

3 hour session
3 x scenes of your choice
Full edit

Prices upon application

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