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Ages 11-18

Intermediate 1

This age group concentrates on further developing their acting skills; vocal, physical, movement and facial expressions. The aim at this age is to attain a higher standard of performance work that is complete with not only a far greater sense of personal achievement but also a better understanding of how the ensemble works.

As it is often stated it’s not enough to attend classes but participation needed is of a higher standard; lines must be learnt, each member of the cast is reliant on each other, if one person fails to function, the whole play suffers. ‘You can’t ride a bike without a bike’ therefore you can’t act without learning lines.

Improvisation is a wonderful tool to free up the creative brain and this too forms part of the lesson.

Intermediate 2 & 3

To be in this class students must have performed for a number of years and attained foundation skills. Intermediate students work on a varying range of skills designed to challenge what they already know.

Some students, being successful at performing, stop developing, these classes are designed to stop that happening by working on a range of material that will develop characters and personal acting expressive skills work.